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Your [[secondary]] Campervan Rental Begins With Escape

When you are looking for a [[secondary]] campervan rental, look towards Escape campervans. Our [[depotcity]] campervan rental location is just over the bend and the perfect place to begin your next journey. By picking up your van in [[depotcity]], you're just a short drive to [[attraction1]], [[attraction2]], or [[attraction3]]. Or buckle up for a U.S. tour in your fully outfitted campervan.

Why Use A Campervan Rental For The Ultimate Road Trip

Find freedom on your vacation with your [[secondary]] campervan rental. Sleep at a campsite without worrying about rain or bad weather. Then, it’s off to where ever with no pre-paid itineraries to conform to. With an Escape Campervan, you’re wandering as you see fit, knowing that each campervan road trip is unique.

Of course, you’ll need an awesome campervan for an awesome campervan vacation! All our vans are easy to drive and come with a queen-sized bed, 1 or 2 burner kitchen, and a awesome look. Unlike an oversized RV, campervans handle like any car and should be small enough for most tent camping areas. You might even try to disperse camp in your Escape campervan -- just take extra care to abide by the Leave No Trace ideals.

What [[secondary]] Campervan Rental Is Right For You?

You will have a few different choices when picking out your [[secondary]] campervan rental. Most choices come down to van size, passenger space, and what you intend to do.

The Mavericks campervan is our most in demand model. With The Mavericks, you’ll get a comfy queen-size bed, a fold-away table and benches, a dual-burner Coleman propane stove, built-in fridge, and a sink. It's a safe choice if you want a quick drive to [[closestAttraction]]. Or, The Mavericks also works well for a week-long camping excursion to [[closeNationalPark]]. Add on a rooftop sleeper, and you can even sleep five.

The Big Sur campervan sits a tad bigger than our other models and gives you more leg room for your crew. You still have a full stove and sink in the trunk, but you don't have to fold down the bucket seats for your van’s bed. It's perfect if you need some more storage space or a comfy ride for bigger excursions further away.

For smaller campervan choices, consider the Santa Cruz or the Jeep Camper. You still find the bed and kitchen but you’ll find they have a much smaller footprint. These models work superb for quick getaways or romantic vacations. *The Santa Cruz and Jeep Camper are only available for rent in certain places.

Want a picnic table or child safety seat for your [[secondary]] campervan rental? Check out all the additional equipment that you can rent for your drive. And don’t worry, you’ll get superb customer care and expert roadside assistance as complimentary services!

How To Pick Up Your [[secondary]] Campervan Rental In [[depotcity]]

You begin your road trip in [[depotcity]]. Find the Escape Campervan depot on [[depotroad]], which is by [[landmark]]. The quickest route to the depot from [[secondary]] is by taking [[highway]] and getting off at the [[exitRd]] ramp. We’re at [[address]], and you can leave your vehicle at [[parkingLot]]. Some of our customers book a rideshare app, like Uber or Lyft, to the depot.

Where To Travel To After You Get Your [[secondary]] Campervan Rental

Once you get your van in [[depotcity]], head to [[attraction1]] via [[mainHwy]]. Or experience [[location2]] that’s only [[miles]] miles away. Of course, you are driving a campervan, so why not see both in one trip! Visit our blog for itineraries for ideas at what else is worth visiting around [[depotcity]] and [[secondary]].

Some renters want the challenge to drive their Escape campervan on a cross-country road trip. It's a snap to do this when you use the [[northernSouthern]] route. You can drop off your campervan at any Escape depot and get a flight back home.

Claim Your Escape Campervan To Kick Off Your Adventure

To kick off your campervan road trip, rent a campervan today. Or phone 1-877-270-8267 to speak with our reservations reps. We'll gladly answer all your queries and reserve your trip. Then tick off the hours until you can explore [[depotstate]] in your Escape campervan!