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Get Total Control Of Your Heating And Cooling With Your Medford Smart Thermostat

Make Your Home Cozy and Energy-Savvy With a Medford Smart Thermostat

Get the most power over your energy with a smart thermostat from ADT. Using the bright LED display and large controls, you can manage the temperature with incredible accuracy. Set scenes with the ADT mobile app that automatically turns down the temperature at bedtime or when you head off for work. Then using your security mobile app, you can make your home comfortable again when you’re wrapping up to leave for back.

As you adjust your Medford smart thermostat to your ideal settings, you’ll immediately understand why it’s the most respected home automation devices available. Reduce utility costs with your ADT thermostat that can:

  • Automatically set the heat or air based on a set schedule.

  • Remotely adjust your thermostat with most mobile devices.

  • Get a text to your smartphone when your home gets too hot or too cold.

  • Set your smart thermostat to engage during emergencies, like fire or carbon monoxide leaks.

  • Work with most brands of heating and air systems and heat pumps.

Thermostat control in Medford

See Your Energy Bills Fall

About half of your home’s energy comes from your furnace and air-conditioning. With a Medford smart thermostat, you will get a better handle of your energy usage -- that shows up as lower utility bills. Stop your HVAC from running so much when you’re away from home or when you’re asleep at night. See your energy usage with the ADT app and receive alerts when your house’s temperature is too hot or too cold. With your ADT smart thermostat, you can trim off up to 10% of unnecessary energy usage.

Your Smart Thermostat Can Make Your House Safer

Because your ADT thermostat is linked to the same smart system as your Medford security devices, it can take orders from your sensors and alarms. If your monitored smoke sensor senses excess smoke or heat, it can trigger your thermostat to turn up the air and flip on the exhaust fan. You might lessen the strength of the fire until the fire department arrives. You can even set an alert for when your home becomes too cold, which can stop your water pipes from freezing through.


An ADT Smart Thermostat Is The Perfect Add-On To Your Medford Home Security System

An ADT smart thermostat makes your home comfortable, more safe, and more energy-efficient. Contact Secure24 Alarm Systems to discover how you can get yours with an ADT home security system. Just call us at (541) 209-6918 or send in the form to begin.