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July 04, 2022

How Does Geofencing In Medford Work With A Home Security System?

Today's home security options are getting more capable every year. Even so, it doesn't take much to fail to complete basic security duties like turning on your home security, closing the garage, or locking all your doors.

How would you feel if you never had to concern yourself with these chores again? When you implement geofencing in Medford, you can just leave the house and make your home security system lock up for you.

What is Geofencing In Medford For your Security System?

Geofencing draws a virtual boundary around your residence, which you are able to customize within your cell phone app. This convenient tool then tracks your mobile device to determine when you go beyond the border and then puts in motion your “leaving-the-house” automations.

What Makes Geofencing Work?

Geofencing relies on z-wave, a home automation protocol that smart devices take advantage of to share information with one another. This innovative approach assists your home security by grouping all components onto a single network. You can institute a unique boundary on all sides of your house and designate the specific actions you want to occur if you move beyond the prearranged border line.

For instance, as soon as you leave your driveway, you could instruct your security system to lock doors, lower the garage door, and turn on your alarm. Then, when you arrive home for the evening, geofencing will notify your system to disengage the alarm, open the garage, brighten first-floor lights, and even alter your smart thermostat.

These are a handful of the technologies you may control with geofencing:

● Smart lights and outlets

● Connected thermostats

● Security alarms and cameras

● Various electronics like speakers or TVs

● Garage door sensors

Schedules, Scenes, And Geofencing Are All Possible With Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is just one way you can utilize your property’s security system in Medford. When accessing the mobile app, you can make the most of automation. Just tap a button, and you have the opportunity to:

● Program schedules: set your smart devices to activate at a specific time. Direct various lights to dim to signal that it's time for bed, or deactivate your security alarms as you start your day.

● Control device interactions: Make specific components come alive in response to a triggered event. Direct your thermostat to switch on the exhaust fan if the fire alarm is set off. Or switch on your hallway lighting if your security camera detects strange movements in the yard.

● Set a scene: Design scenes featuring various devices that function in unison. Make your smart bulbs lower, the thermostat go down, and the smart door locks engage when it's time for bed. Or program the system for TV night with specific lighting and temperature levels.

● Protect your home with geofencing: It's easy to forget to enable your alarm system when you're running late for work. With geofencing capability and your mobile device, you'll never forget to arm the system and lower the garage door.

Get Started with Geofencing in Medford

Whether you seek additional certainty of a completely secure residence whenever you drive away or you wish to automate your smart home technology, geofencing will make things easier. Talk to a skilled member of our team today at (541) 209-6918 or send in the form on this page to start designing your ideal security system.