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October 09, 2023

Check Out The Features Of A High-Tech Home Security System In Medford

Would you like to be able to check live footage from outdoor surveillance systems or lock your main entry from anywhere with your cell phone? These kinds of actions are now possible thanks to the arrival of wireless technology and home automation. Gain insight into what a high-tech home security system in Medford can do and discover how you can boost your family’s safety and convenience.

Connect To Your Medford System From Anywhere

One of the hallmarks of modern, high-tech security for homes is wireless accessibility and control. You can access your system and its various tools from anywhere using a home security app on your smartphone. Gadgets like a doorbell camera will not only permit you to observe who’s in front of your door but also speak with them via bi-directional audio. Need to unlock the door to let a service professional in? Not a problem. You can quickly disengage smart locking systems from your phone.

Experience The Benefits Of Automation

Increased convenience, security, and even energy savings are all feasible when you take advantage of your home security system’s automation potential. Here are a few of the amazing things you can do:

  • Have your entrances lock automatically. You could have them lock when it’s time for bed or when you leave for work.
  • Schedule your smart thermostat to change settings at specified times. You can set your thermostat to 75 degrees when your house is vacant and instruct it to revert to the customary 72 before your kids get home from school. This is a practical way to reduce your energy usage and utility bills.
  • Schedule your lights. When it looks like individuals are on site, a house is not likely to be of interest to thieves. You may arrange for lights to turn on at different times and even customize two or more schedules so it seems more unplanned. This is a great asset when you’re on a trip.
  • Program components to work together. Increase safety and discourage thieves by having interior smart bulbs illuminate when suspicious activity is captured by outdoor video cameras. In addition, you might have your front door unlock when a smoke alarm is tripped, helping you depart rapidly.

Add Convenience With Vocal Directives In Medford

Wireless access and home automation are wonderful perks, but you can take it up another notch with features like spoken commands. The smart speaker you love using can be linked to implements like lights and thermostats. Feeling warm while cooking? Simply speak a command to reduce the temp. Light levels a little low when returning home from the store? Activate smart bulbs with a basic directive.

Initiate Automation With Geofencing

You can also have smart components take action simply based on your cell phone’s whereabouts. This is accomplished through geofencing and GPS technology. In essence, a virtual geofence is created around your residence at a distance you specify. You could set a radius of three or four miles. When your cell phone moves into that area, you might have your thermostat automatically update so your interior is nice and comfortable when you arrive home. You could also have lighting turn on or locks disengage as you get close.

Would You Like To Implement High-Tech Security For Your Medford Home? Call Secure24 Alarm Systems

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